Vintage Lamp Shades

Lamp Shades

Brilliant colors, silk, unique shapes, tassels, beads and even shells are some of the material you will on a vintage lamp shade. A vintage lamp shade, though, to the younger and newer generations may look like something out of the ordinary, and slightly bizarre, is actually very valuable to an antique dealer and the older and wiser generations! It is collectors item, desired for its age, rarity, utility, unique feature and condition.

A vintage lamp shade is all about class and uniqueness. It is very rarely that one would come across two lamps that look alike. Some of these lamps date back to the 1800s. The craftsmanship of that day and age, as some say it, cannot be matched by any one or any machine that exists today. A vintage lamp shade may be made out of not just fabric, but glass as well. In the Victorian era flowers played an important role in the decorating scheme of things. Therefore, you may be able to see a tulip, daffodil or a buttercup in a Victorian vintage lamp shade. That was not all, it was not just the shades that were adorned with these flower designs, but the very shape of a vintage lamp shade was made, at times, to mirror a particular flower.

A vintage lamp shade is sometimes highlighted with a variety of trims. These include that child is called the French braid, specialty trims, fringes and glass or acrylic beads. Colors used for these timings are vibrant and contrasting, thereby giving a vintage lamp shade its peculiar look.

These lamps also need to be maintained and looked after well if they are to survive. A vintage lamp shade can break or tear easily depending on manufactured date and material used to create it. A quality hand sewn vintage lamp shade can last for many years if it is given the proper care it needs.

A vintage lamp shade in ones home also resound the individuals liking towards art and luxury. Why luxury you may ask. A vintage lamp shade is not cheap. They come to you with a luxury price tag. One vintage lamp shade can cost hundreds of dollars or more. Age is not the only thing that is taken into account when pricing these precious lamp shades. It is also the labor, the craftsmanship and beauty.

If you wish to own a vintage lamp shade, two things are a must, money and time! Vintage lamps are a keeper and they bring a sense of history and elegance to once home.

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