Silk Lamp Shade

Lamp Shades

The lamp shade is an everyday utility in most modern homes. It provides illumination and style to almost any ambience. The shade is one of the most important components of the lamp shade. The shade can be made out of different materials and fabrics; glass, cloth, paper, leather, plastic and silk. The ones that are made of silk called referred to as the silk lamp shades. Unofficially, the use of the silk lamp shade dates back many centuries to ancient China. This is where silk was first discovered Silk comes from the fibers produced by the Bombyx Mori caterpillar when making its cocoon.

After its pupa stage, the cocoon is abandoned and ready to be used. The fibers of the cocoon as carefully extracted and spun into the fabric that we all know as silk. Its a shiny, durable and light material that can be used for many purposes. As modern lamp shades developed, more attention was paid to their design. The usage of the silk lamp shade increased during the Victorian times. It was during this time that the designers in Europe were experimenting with different materials to make the lamp. Due to the elegant look they had, the silk lamp shade became very popular.

The silk lamp shade comes in a variety of designs and colors. So when choosing one, regardless of what kind of lamp it is; standing, table or chandelier, you will always find what youre looking for. When buying a silk lamp shade, important factors to consider are; where the lamp will be placed, the colors of the area, other objects in the area, and the design of the shade. If its a light and airy look you want, then a light colored silk lamp shade is what you want. Dark colors provide a more dramatic and rich look. If you are looking for something that personifies elegance, then youll love the beaded fringe lamps.

With the variety that is available today, choosing the perfect silk lamp shade can be tough. If you find it difficult to decide for yourself, consulting an interior designer is always a wise option. They are experts and so will know exactly what kind of design the ambience requires. Once youve sorted that out, shopping for it is the next hurdle. If you are unable to find it in stores near you, the best thing would be to search on the internet. This is more effective because you can specify all your requirements and have it delivered to your doorstep. So if its an elegant way to illuminate your ambience that you are looking for, you should get a silk lamp shade.

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