Rawhide Lamp Shades

Lamp Shades

Rawhide lamp shades are a unique piece of dcor for your place of living. By bringing an old country charm and rustic splendor, rawhide lamp shades are a perfect addition to any home. Cabin lighting and Lodge lighting in particular would not be right without the use of rawhide lamp shades. Not only are rawhide lamp shades beautiful and functional, they are also very affordable too. When you consider rustic dcor there is no competition when it comes to rawhide lamp shades. The soothing calming glow that spreads from rawhide lamp shades and the way that the rawhide lamp shades can turn harsh light into muted natural wonderful lighting is quite special. If you want warmth, friendly atmosphere with a twist of southwestern country feel, rawhide lamp shades are definitely the way to go.

Rawhide lamp shades are generally handmade and custom made because of the nature of rawhide. While other lamp shades such as chamois and vellum require processing with chemicals and industrial processes rawhide lamp shades are made from genuine stretched animal skin that has never been tanned in order to preserve the unique good properties of the skin. Making rawhide lamp shades is truly an art form and is well regarded as an industry. Rawhide lamp shades can also come in various colors depending on the conditioning done on the rawhide. For example cream colored rawhide lamp shades are made of bleached rawhide and will often have rust colored highlights on the rawhide lamp shade. These types of cream colored rawhide lamp shades are an excellent addition to your home if your dcor is of the south western style. Cream rawhide lamp shades go well with wooden furnishings and more novelty items such as wooden or pueblo ladders. Rawhide lamp shades are also for the consumer that has a soft spot for Native American charm. If you want to feel like you have a Native American touch to your home and still have the sophistication of modern society, items like rawhide lamp shades are the perfect balance bringing the best of both worlds. Rawhide lamp shades also come in darker colors and they can even be dyed to get a color that you need.

Rawhide lamp shades do require a certain amount of care for optimal use. Consumers use rawhide lamp shades because there is no other material that can give a similar effect. But eventually all rawhide lamp shades will meet their demise, but their lifetime can be prolonged with the proper care.

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