Floor Lamp Shade

Lamp Shades

The lamp shade is an important component of daily life. We use it to complement the rest of our interior dcor and as a light source, which is its main purpose. Since their creation, lamp shades have come a long way in terms of form and function. One of the most common lamps in households is the floor lamp shade. It is called the floor lamp shade because it is based on the floor. It usually has a base, a center section which is often a sort of shaft, a holder for the bulb and then the shade. The floor lamp shade started out as a primary lighting source.

On the early lamps, light was produced by burning of gas which was fed to burner via gas pipes. The maneuverability of the early floor lamp shades was limited because they needed to be located near a gas pipe. But with the advent of the light bulb and use of electricity, the floor lamp shade evolved from a lighting utility to an interior dcor accessory. Today, the floor lamp shade comes in many shapes and sizes. The latest in lamp design is the adjustable floor lamp shade, where the different components of the lamp are adjustable. This feature is more common in lamps that are meant mainly as reading lamps.

When selecting a floor lamp shade for the house, careful attention must be paid not only to the lamp but also to where it is going to be placed. It is important that the lamp fits into the overall ambience. Lamps are normally placed in corners and next to furniture. Another important factor is the color of the walls and other lighting in the room. A floor lamp shade is usually meant to compliment the rest of the ambience and calmly illuminate its surroundings. Hence, when buying a lamp always consider the background color and lighting when buying a new floor lamp shade.

If you are unable to decide on what sort of a lamp to get, its always easier to consult an interior design expert. If you are unable to find the lamp in stores near you, shopping online is the next best option. Its convenient and you can search for the perfect lamp from the comfort of your own home. In all, the floor lamp shade is not just a lighting utility but also an excellent interior design accessory that can be used to brighten up any ambience.

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