Beaded Lamp Shades

Lamp Shades

A lamp shade adds light, colour and style to a living space. Todays lamp shades come in all sorts of sizes, textures and designs. However what you can find at most places will be contemporary designs with little or no patterns or prints, sleek looks and fine lines. As such a beaded lamp shade may not be your style if you are into more modern and sleek looks and should only be considered if you appreciate items with intricate detail and rich almost classical looks.

Beaded lamp shades will usually feature beads hanging from the lower rim of the lamp shade or fastened onto the fabric. Crystal or glass beads in particular are ideal for beaded lamp shades as they do the most justice to the light emanating from the lamp and add a life of their own to the overall look and effect. However other types of beads are also used and lamp shades featuring plastic beads are both common and inexpensive, although somewhat tacky and low in quality. When buying a good quality beaded lamp shade make sure that all the beads are even and attached neatly and that they are both colour fast and light fast. This means you will not have the problem of the them losing their colour or lustre over time.

Another important factor to consider when considering a beaded lamp shade is where you are going to place it. A ladys dressing room, a young girls room with decor fit for a princess count as firm favourites to accommodate a rich and colourful version of one of these. But that doesnt mean the decor needs to be classical at all times. One could even contrast the intricate design and detail of beaded lamp shade in a plain contemporary setting and make the piece of light fitting less of what it is and more of an art piece. You could also consider beaded lamp shades with fewer beads but in bright summer colours for predominantly white or light shaded interiors. These stand out and add a lovely effect during daytime and continue the effect at night time.

Beaded lamp shades are available for purchase at most local lighting stores and online. However it is advisable to make sure the colour and size proportions are right before you actually make a purchase. You could take a colour patch of the walls in case you need to compare and contrast the material colour of the light fitting with the colour you have in the area for which it is being considered. You may also ask your interior designer for some advice, especially if the beaded lamp shade is for a house you are building or redecorating.

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