Bankers Lamp Shade

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A bankers lamp shade conjures with it the image of a busy, bespectacled man poring over a desk, systematically organized with heavy tomes and reading late into the night with the aid of a simple desk lamp. However the bankers lamp has come along way from its humble origins in the early nineteenth century, and is now much in demand by antique collectors who seek vintage items, and by home decorators who are assured that even when a contemporary version of the bankers lamp shade is chosen, that it would still bring with it, most of its old-world charm.

A bankers lamp shade is now not restricted to the office or work-desk alone, but is now used freely in homes, hotel lobbies, and even atop pianos, bringing with it tradition, nostalgia and functionality.

Traditionally, the bankers lamp shade was made of green glass; and its base of solid brass. Today, the shades encompass a broad spectrum of color, ranging from solemn green, to blue, to cheerful yellows and reds. Similarly, the base of the lamp is sometimes now seen to carry ornate carvings; whilst the shade can be made of stained glass and designed to carry images inspired by nature, including but not limited to, bright butterflies and beautiful flowers. Sometimes a custom-made bankers lamp shade is ordered for the use of a college, university or sports association, and in such instances, the logo of the organization can even be inscribed onto the shade. Shades can be made of tempered, frosted and even pleated glass, while roller shades are also fast gaining popularity, in todays contemporary market.

When purchasing a bankers lamp shade there are a few practical considerations that must be borne in mind. Namely, the setting, the size of the lamp, the color and the cost are of prime importance, and needs to be balanced in an optimal manner. The backdrop of the room, be it mono-chromatic and traditional, or eclectic and vibrant; a suitable bankers lamp shade can be found, that is guaranteed to add a touch of class to its background. When considering size, it is important to take account of the fact that a tall lamp would require a bigger shade and vice versa. Also, a large lamp would tend to overcrowd a small room, while a small lamp in a big room would be insignificant and unnoticeable, and these points need to be borne in mind, by the would-be purchaser.

The cost of the lamp chosen can vary greatly in accordance to its type, date of manufacture and place of purchase. For instance, a bankers lamp shade from Tiffanys consisting of intricate artwork, or one of vintage origin, would carry a hefty price tag; while a local store would offer an array of cheaper alternatives. Whichever option chosen, a bankers lamp shade is guaranteed to evoke memories of a quieter era, where elegance and charm reigned supreme.

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